The Top 12 Strangest Birds Nest Locations

When birds are looking for a home to build their nest, they seek  specific qualities depending on the species.  For example some bird species such as woodpeckers and chickadees look for cavities.  Hawks like to build on flat surfaces in very high places such as window ledges on tall buildings that may feel like natural cliffs to them.  But some birds throw convention to the wind.  This is a list of the top 12 strangest places where birds broke all the rules of nest building.


12. BIRDS NESTING IN MOTORCYCLE HELMETS IN NEW YORK – The owner of these motorcycle helmets must have been surprised when he found birds nesting in them.  Smart bird if they were worried about hard impacts.


11. TRAFFIC SIGNAL LOCATED NEAR TUXEDO PARK NEW YORK – Traffic lights aren’t at all that uncommon when it comes to finding bird’s nests.  The changing light has to be annoying though…



10. HOUSE SPARROW IN A DINOSAUR MODEL LOCATED IN ONTARIO, CANADA – This house sparrow nesting in a dinosaur’s mouth seemingly has come full circle, since birds themselves are dinosaurs.  Scientists sometimes refer to dinos as “non-avian dinosaurs” to keep the two groups distinct.


9. AMERICAN ROBIN NEST WITH CHICKS IN A TEXAS URINAL – An American robin selected this urinal in Texas for its nest site. It appears to have been a good decision, based on the many healthy-looking chicks seen in this photo.


8. HUGE BIRD’S NEST IN A AN IDAHO BBQ – By the size of this nest, Big Bird himself could have moved in. Del Campo and Purcell said that BBQ grills actually are fairly common as bird nesting spots. Around houses, birds might also construct their nests in potted plants, on and in light fixtures, on shrubs, atop balconies, under eaves, on doorsills and windowsills.


7. COMMON MOORHEN NEST ON A GOOSE FIGURINE IN FLORIDA – A goose figurine became home sweet home to a real live bird, a common moorhen.  Oh the irony!


6. AMERICAN ROBIN LADDER ‘CONDO’ IN OHIO – A ladder serves as an avian “condo,” since multiple American robins decided to build their nest on it. Del Campo said that American robins, along with mourning doves, house sparrows and certain hummingbird species, commonly build their nests in unexpected urban locations.


5. ANNA’S HUMMINGBIRD NEST ATOP A HOLIDAY LIGHT – Using spider web to affix its nest to a single bulb in a strand of holiday lights, this tiny Anna’s hummingbird successfully hatched two chicks last year.

4. CAROLINA WREN NEST IN A GOLF SHOE – Perhaps the nursery rhyme about Old Mother Hubbard was inspired by a sight like this: a Carolina wren’s nest in a golf shoe.


3. AMERICAN ROBIN NESTING ON A TRUCK TIRE IN PENNSYLVANIA – Hopefully the owner of this truck in Pennsylvania did not go for a drive for a while! Presumably, the truck had been stationary for quite some time, catching the eye of an industrious American robin seeking a sheltered space.

MODO  Mourning Dove

2. MOURNING DOVE NEST ON A WREATH IN TENNESSEE – Neighbors passing by must have given this wreath with an apparent mourning dove “decoration” a second look when the bird actually moved. The dove may have been attracted by the natural materials of the wreath and decided to move in.


1. OSPREY NEST ON A STATUE IN MASSACHUSETTS – Some birds have a flair for the funky when it comes to selecting where to build their nests, finds the Celebrate Urban Birds project at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.